5 September 2018

The Real Struggle Of Planning A Trip ft. Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

Step 0 (Legit AF). Select destination or throw a dart on the world map? I prefer SkyScanner! They also have an option to search for flights anywhere in the world during a specific month. It's a boon for indecisive people like me hehe!
Step 1. Look for cheap flights/train tickets. Again, Skyscanner ftw. (Duh! Stating the obvious, Pragya)
Step 2. Contemplate how broke you really are, think about going somewhere cheaper.
Step 3. Cry. (Very important)

Step 4. Browse for discounts, check up all the various possible combinations achievable within a limited budget for the initially planned destination - Mamma didn't raise a quitter.

17 September 2017

That Time When Ziro Valley Stole My Heart!

"This year is really about, like the year of just realizing stuff."
- Kylie Jenner

I never thought I'd quote any of the Kardashian-Jenner people (or the others) but here I am, doing exactly that. 2016 is a year that I'll probably look back at, in retrospect of course. It was a year of learning a lot of essential and valuable lessons about life - most importantly, the fact that all problems in life irrespective of the scale, are short-lived (wow I'm still whining since this post), 2016 was also the year that was quite successful in terms of my travels.

One of my favorite experiences was a short trip to Ziro Valley with my father. I'm especially grateful for this one particular trip which taught me how to appreciate simple and quality living over the fast and unnecessarily complicated lifestyle that we all are drowning ourselves into, which we don't even put much thought into, as a person living in a city. The trip was organised primarily for the research-work for my Architectural Dissertation, but I did learn a  lot more beyond that. Lastly, I also want to give credit to my late grandfather, without whom, we wouldn't have thought of going there anytime soon.

You see, places like these gently whisper to your soul, inviting you to an experience which evolve you into a greater human being, leaving you with lessons worth much more than a lifetime~

3 September 2017

Lansdowne - A Weekend Getaway Story.

(A travelogue by Ayush Sood)

Ever been going along your day expecting nothing out of the ordinary to happen, just waiting for the day to end following the same daily rituals you always do - just to have a friend mess them up by handing you an offer you can't refuse?

That's how I ended up in Lansdowne.

24 August 2017

Visual Diary: A Rashtrapati Bhawan Morning

On a fine Saturday morning, I remember coming back from a 4-5 day vacation with a terrible horrible-no good-screwed up sleep cycle. I had nothing to do that morning, really, NOTHING. I hate sitting idle and there couldn't be anything better for me, really.

I decided to go out, on an impromptu touristy adventure in my city. I left home sometime between 8 and 9 in the morning and boarded the metro. My experience of Central Secretariat metro station had not been very memorable, almost blurry because of the rush. I decided to hop off. I got out of Gate No.2 and started walking towards Raisina Hill, with only a slight hint of there being a Changing of Guard ceremony. The rest is a story of extreme people watching, chilling with on-duty policemen and a mild heart attack when I thought that I dropped my camera...